The Winter Warmers Collection

Spend the holidays in a grumpy maestro’s guest bedroom…

Pine after an off-limits ice skating coach…

Stumble upon a wild man in the woods…

The Winter Warmers collection is all about those cold-weather feels. Pick your favorite, and let’s warm up FAST. 😉

Cassie Mint Winter Ward

I let her stay as a favor to an old friend. But her father doesn’t realize…

He sent a lamb to the big, bad wolf.

Cassie Mint Thin Ice

I’m a figure skater with a skilled, handsome partner.

But it’s not him I want… it’s our coach.

The locals say the man in the woods is a beast.

But once he saves my life, I can’t keep away.

Snow Storm Cassie Mint

I came to England on a once-in-a-lifetime college trip. But after a badly timed blizzard…

I’m snowed in with a duke.

Clock Work Cassie Mint

I’m a world famous clockmaker. An artisan and a grown man.

I should be able to resist my sweet young apprentice, damn it.

The Gift Cassie Mint

This year, I’m giving my favorite shy scientist an extra special gift…


© Cassie Mint 2021