Cassie Mint - Romance Author & Daydreamer Extraordinaire

Cassie Mint is a romance author with her head firmly in the clouds.

She writes outrageous, OTT instalove with tons of sugar and steam!

Cassie loves growly, possessive alpha heroes who fall HARD for their heroines and will do anything for that HEA.

Billionaire meets burglar.

All I did was break into his penthouse… and try to steal a priceless jewel.

Now this billionaire’s threatening to keep me.

I know, I know. It’s cat burglar 101. Never break in while the owner is there!

Except I screwed up, and he caught my sticky fingers in the act. Now he won’t let me leave until I fix the holes in his security.

I guess I should be grateful he’s not calling the cops. And that he’s feeding me, letting me sleep in his guest room, and giving me the world’s best back rubs.

Is this weird? It feels kinda weird. But nice, too.

So, he won’t let me leave until I help? Maybe I’ll call his bluff. Maybe I want to be his pet cat burglar.

© Cassie Mint 2022