Cassie Mint - Romance Author & Daydreamer Extraordinaire

Cassie Mint is a romance author with her head firmly in the clouds.

She writes outrageous, OTT instalove with tons of sugar and steam!

Cassie loves growly, possessive alpha heroes who fall HARD for their heroines and will do anything for that HEA.

Big men do it better!

He’s older than me. A big-time boss. My secret crush.

And my best friend’s dad.

Jacob Callahan is nothing like the guys I know from college. He’s powerful. Stern. And most of all, he’s big.

Every time I crane my neck to meet his eye, every time I see his bulk fill a doorway… I melt.

But Mr Callahan is off limits, and more than that, he doesn’t even know I’m alive.

So I can stay in his house for the holidays. Keep out of his way. Keep my crush to myself. It’s only for six days.

I’ll be as quiet as a church mouse. He probably won’t even notice I’m here.

© Cassie Mint 2021