Cassie Mint - Romance Author & Daydreamer Extraordinaire

Cassie Mint is a romance author with her head firmly in the clouds.

She writes outrageous, OTT instalove with tons of sugar and steam!

Cassie loves growly, possessive alpha heroes who fall HARD for their heroines and will do anything for that HEA.

Welcome to Mail Order Mountain...

I’m a mountain man’s mail order bride.

But I’m knocking on the wrong cabin door.

Moving out here to start my life from scratch—that’s scary enough. But then the world’s surliest man finds me on his deck, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

He thinks I should scurry back to the city. I think he’s a big, bearded jerk. He still agrees to take me to my fiance, though.

But a fallen tree makes us stop for the night. And huddling for warmth… turns out that’s no myth after all.

I wake up in a huge muddle, my cheek resting on a big, strong chest.

…I’m doomed. I’ve fallen for the wrong mountain man.

© Cassie Mint 2023