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Cassie Mint Beauty & The Kingpin

I’m a florist…

And he’s the king of the underworld.

Ride or Die Cassie Mint

She’s sweet and innocent—and that’s like catnip in this strip club.

It’s okay, though. I won’t let the pretty bartender out of my sight.

love notes bonust content

Love letters and work emails. Quick texts and To Do lists.

All written with love.


There’s unfinished business in that elevator.

Teacher's Pet Bonus Epilogue

It’s Avery’s and Leona’s graduation.

All four couples are there… and all four manage to slip away…

There’s a surprise waiting for Rhett at the hotel.

Dared By My Roommate Bonus Scene

Jenny and Lincoln have plans for that mask…

The Very Merry Mob bonus story

Ruth watches her sister fall in love with a mobster, but where’s her happy ending?

Black Out Cassie Mint

A campus black out means Brick is on the case… and Alyssa keeps him company in the darkness.

Room Ten Bonus Scene

Three bodyguards. One wide-awake girl.

And hours to kill on a plane…

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