Welcome to Kephart College!

The sun is warm, the buildings are pale stone, and the air smells like salt and pine. It’s a dream college.

But you’re not here for the classes, are you?

Check out the gorgeous men on campus…

The Shrink Cassie Mint

They sent me to therapy against my will.

But since I met my therapist, whole armies couldn’t keep me away.

The Coach Cassie Mint

I lost half an arm and all my courage in a shark attack.

Now a broody swim coach wants me back out on the water.

The Tutor Cassie Mint

It’s bad enough needing a tutor to rescue my grades.

But this guy’s tall, dark and brooding–and he resents every second with me.

The Guard Cassie Mint

I’m limping home at night, barefoot with a busted ankle.

Then a white knight sweeps me off my feet.

© Cassie Mint 2022