Standalone Stories

Sometimes you just want that one-and-done feeling!

All of Cassie’s books can be read alone, but these are truly single titles–not part of a collection.

In and out. BAM.

cassie mint filthy headlines

My gorgeous new boss doesn’t trust me.

Guess I can’t blame him. I’m an undercover reporter.

Cassie Mint Pit Stop

This grumpy billionaire has mistaken my house for a hotel.

But hey, who am I to correct him?

Santa Baby Cassie Mint

We’re messing around when we call our boss Santa. But the truth is, I’d die to sit on his knee.

Cassie Mint Room Ten

My uncle is auctioning my innocence to the highest bidder.

But screw that–I’m not one of his black market goods.

Sweet Tooth Cassie Mint

I’m an ambitious lawyer. She’s a cake pop delivery girl.

I cannot believe they’ve made me her babysitter.

© Cassie Mint 2021